Thursday, January 03, 2008

Did I mention???

There is going to be an independent criminal investigation regarding the CIA's deletion/destruction of those interrogation tapes I mentioned a few weeks ago. There is just a point where government HAS to be transparent to us ordinary folks and I think this is one of those things that demands transparency. The AP said "The Justice Department opened a full criminal investigation Wednesday into the destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes, putting the politically charged probe in the hands of a mob-busting public corruption prosecutor with a reputation for being independent.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey announced that he was appointing John Durham, a federal prosecutor in Connecticut, to oversee the investigation of a case that has challenged the Bush administration's controversial handling of terrorism suspects."

Later in the story, another agent was quoted as saying ""He'll suck the political air right out of the investigation and just go after the facts," said Mike Clark, a retired FBI agent who investigated Rowland. "He's going to do it his way and just keep digging." This is too important to let go of -- we need this examined fully in the light of day with full transparency.

You bet bet your sweet patooties I thought out at the universe, "Oh, please do suck the politics out of it!" It's only reasonable.

This in the Tuesday news made me happy! I'm just writing about it late.

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