Saturday, December 15, 2007

Purple, On My Feet & In From The Cold

That's my foot over there. Nice bruising, eh? It's even prettier in sunlight. It looks the same way on the inside too. Just from a simple misstep.

The good news is that the swelling is down to near normal, I can put my weight on it and walk normally. Well, mostly normal. If I move or shift weight too quickly it hurts like a sonovabitch! I suspect it's a real good thing I lost the weight I did this year before hurting my foot. It could have been worse.

Friends, it's cold outside! I set fresh water out for Raven about one o'clock this afternoon. Took her on a walk around three and saw that it had started to skim over with ice. That was with the bowl in the sunlight!

I bundled up good, but even thermal bottoms under my jeans didn't stop the breeze from pushing the cold into my thighs and making them feel like the fat layer was turning into a solid like lard! I've been home from that walk almost 4 hours now and still feel like bits of that thigh fat are still thawing out. I'm so grateful this isn't Tulsa, Chicago or Minot... or any other even colder place.

The walk was good for me if not a little slow going. We went over to Hyder park and I scoffed the law and let Da Dawg off her leash so she could play with some of the other dogs there after she did her business and I finished scooping and disposing of it. Even before getting Raven, it has been one of my routine walking places for years.

It's a good place to people watch too. Today I was rewarded with seeing three young men playing croquet near the SE corner of the park. All dressed in black, but one especially stood out in his knee high lace up Doc Martens with bloused black cargo pants, steel chain key or wallet fob draping down the side of his leg in a graceful arc, black bomber jacket open at the throat revealing tats up to his collar line, wearing a watch cap. He stood there calmly with what looked to be a home made square mallet insouciantly shouldered like one would a tennis racket, while waiting for one of the other players to complete their move. It's not the image one usually associates with croquet which makes them stand out.

Oh, how about the Justice Department today trying to tell Congress to back off on those CIA tapes that got destroyed? Congress is not liking that "back off" warning very much. Neither do I. The CIA is between a rock and a hard place since they were first ordered "Get that information and if you have to, use stronger interrogation techniques, including waterboarding to get it." by the administration. Now they're in a three way tug of war between Bushies Administration, the Justice Dept AND Congress... 2 branches of government bickering over the same stick and each wanting different results? Hot potato, hot potato!

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