Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Nooz

Wesley Clark (Gen. US Army, Ret.) is going to be joining MSNBC as analyst. Personally, I wish he was running for President again. Sigh. Onward.

It looks like Genarlow Wilson is not getting out of prison the way he should. This is an obscenity. This young man was an honor student at his high school and was on his way to a successful young adulthood, but he made a small mistake. At the age of 17, attending a party, he had a consensual sexual encounter with a 15 year old girl who performed fellatio on him. One of the other kids at the party got the action recorded. This was used to convict him of a sex crime for which he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and on parole/completion he would be required to register as a sex offender.

The sentence was so draconian, and so over the top, that Georgia's "Romeo & Juliet" law was amended to close the loop-hole that resulted in his conviction in the first place. The guy who sponsored the original law Wilson was convicted under did NOT intend this kind of conviction, that the "law was not supposed to be interpreted the way it was in this case." But amendments laws are not usually retro-active either. On 6/13/07, a judge ordered Wilson released as a "miscarriage of justice", but the sick fucks at Georgia Attorney General's office filed an appeal which means Wilson has to stay in prison.

C'mon. Let's get real, here. This was not a rape, it was not child-molestation. It was not a young man taking advantage of a mental incompetent. The age difference between 17 & 15 is at least 13 months and at most 24 months. They were horny teens at a party who behaved indiscreetly.

If any of you who read this are Georgia residents & voters and you're upset about this injustice, let your State Attorney General know. You can find contact information for AG Thurbert Baker at:


Actor/Director Mel Gibson engaged in another act of self-destruction recently. He is reported to have shown up at a Malibu AA meet drunk and stumbling. Apparently he managed to knock a female attendee down at the meeting while stumbling. I wonder if he had a chauffeur or was practicing DUI again? As an ACOA, I hope one of these days he "gets it" so he can maintain his sobriety and his productivity even though I really, really, really disagree with his traditional Catholic points of view. Ai yi yi. Mel. What's happened to ya?

Some of you may correctly reckon I don't have a lot of nice things to say about many so-called religious leaders. But today is not one of them. Yesterday, Rev. Billy Graham buried his wife Ruth, who died this last week. They were married 63 years. The reason I mention this is simple -- if you've ever seen pictures of Billy & Ruth together over the years in the news or news mags, you'd see two things between them: Love & humor. It was all over their faces.

Mike Nifong is OUT. Friday he resigned his position as Durham's District Attorney while on the witness stand at his ethic trial. Saturday, after the conclusion of the ethics trial, he was found guilty of a raft of ethics violations and gross professional misconduct and disbarred. He earned this punishment and it is as one legal analyst called it, "extreme but deserved." No kidding. But hey... let's not forget that the VOTERS of Durham re-elected him even with the glaring discrepancies of the Duke case already in evidence.

Of course the outcome is that Nifong cannot practice law! Very few disbarred lawyers get reinstated. Ever. This is a good thing. As a prosecutor, he violated the public trust and the intent and spirit of the law in pursuing those three young men and he did a darned good job ruining their lives. If you think people will forget about them or what they were accused of, think again. We have a long memory and there will always be those who will treat those young men with suspicion & mistrust from here on out even though they've been exonerated.

Anyone looking for a bus boy, can contact Mike Nifong. He's available.

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I've read many of your recent posts. What a great blog! I'm always interested in your opinions and in your observations.

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Hi, Rolfe. Thank you for the compliment. It's lovely to get feedback about what I'm writing. I'm glad it keeps you interested.