Friday, May 18, 2007


Good Morning! How're you all doing today? Hope you're all getting ready for a wonderful weekend!

Shreck 3 is coming out! Fractured fairy tales are great, but I gotta tell ya -- Antonio Banderas is hot. Even playing PussInBoots! Wowie!

Wednesday night, over at our friends Su & Kenn's, we watched the movie Stealth. S had decided she needed to see a movie with a lot of things getting blown up. K disappeared back to his office & computer. Su, Jim (aka DH) & I watched the movie. It was fun! Things got blown up really good! No spoilers here. Speaking of things getting blown up, there is a new chapter to be released in the Die Hard franchise! Yippie, ki-yay!

Last night's cliff-hanger season ending for the original CSI was cool. Will Sarah be saved? We'll find out next season. Ah well, re-run season means I get to catch up on other shows I also enjoy. OTOH, I do spend more time on the computer than watching the telly.

My friend Su is going to teach me to knit with double pointed needles next week. My project will be a "sock" for my Nano.

Didn't really exercise much yesterday - on my break at work, hit the work out room for a quick 20 of lateral pull downs. Good way to stretch out a back. After that, nada.

I'm working on clearing my backlog of books to be read, so I'm in the first 3rd of The Ethical Slut. So far, so good. I'd recommend it. I'm sitting on two book store gift cards, but am not gonna spend them until I've taken my to be read stack down 2 feet. (It's only 3.5' stack.) I've also gotten the first chapters of David Sirota's "Hostile Takeover -- How Big Money & Corruption Conquered Our Government - and How We Take It Back."

Have a great day out there, be careful and watch out for the crazies on the road!

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