Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just In Time....

The polite company version:

Sunday's CASHEW Tea was quite nice and I met a few new people. My Irish Cheddar cheese puffs were a hit and there were none left over. I'm going to try a variant tomorrow as we're having a potluck at work on Wednesday.

One of the guests at the tea was a voter registrar who brought his stack of forms. Now, this was handy as I needed desperately to switch my party affiliation back to Democratic. I'd registered Rep... er...the Dark Force, back when Shrub first ran for office, in order to be able to vote for any OTHER candidate, including a write-in, in the primaries.

As a moderate Democrat, I've long found the old Goldwater style priniciples of Republicanism tolerable and livable in a sustainable sense. I don't want the government to be anymore intrusive than is absolutely necessary and I want it minimally intrusive at best.The Republican hold on the House has got to be broken.

Darlings, we internet denizens may be sex-hungry here and there and practice things like on line dating, polyamory and even plain old cheating, but those suckers are just fuggin' debauched gluttons surrounded by sycophants, the New Pharasees of the Religious Right and a rapacious business elite. Gag me. Rep Mark Foley (R-F. Piously pro life this poison pill chaired the Center for Missing and Exploited Children Caucus, mind you, was forced to resign because of his chatting up Capital Hill pages and getting a little too worked up about his and their woodies. And another Rep...er... one of them, heh-heh, Speaker Hastert behaves like a clumsy oaf denying any previous knowledge of information about Foley's precosity. Mmm-hmmmm... Obviously they've overlooked the fact that there is this field known as computer forensics.

Next, there's that handsome Dr. Bill Frist (R-TN). He thinks that the Taliban are too popular to in parts of Afghanistan to be militarily unbeatable and that they should be brought into participation with Afghani government again. The Taliban. You know: Those superstitions, ignorant men who deny their people education, pushed them back to the near medeival era and murdered men and women by the thousands for disagreeing, being "secular", being educated, who prohibited women from receiving meaningful health care and who cause their infant mortality rate to plummet as a result. Oh, no! Mr. Billll!!!

Well, darlings, whether you agree with me or no, the mid term elections are on the horizon! Remember: Those negative campaign ads you see aren't entirely meant to put down the other guy -so much as their EVEN BIGGER functions is To Make US Voters Stay Home And Not Vote!

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